Why can't Windows 8 find the Startup Folder?

2012-12-27 · (1). On Android, there is activity with UI and service without UI running background. Does Windows 8 have such service-like thing? Or Can a Windows store app works as a service? (2). Is it possible to auto start a windows store app when windows 8 boots up? (3). Is there a way to allow two Windows store apps to exchange customer-defined messages? How do I get the start button back in Windows 8? 2018-1-24 · The Start button. With the Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft has added a Start button that takes you to the Start Screen. This update does not, however, return the Start menu found in previous versions of Windows. If you're ok with the Start Screen and only want the Start button, we recommend updating to Windows 8.1, as it is the fastest solution and updates are important anyway. Solved: Windows (8.1) won't start - HP Support Community


Windows Auto-start Services & Drivers-The Service Control Manager (SCM) process (\Windows\System32\services.exe), will now launch any services or drivers that are marked with a Start value of 2. Windows 8 banished the Start button from its oft-clicked spot on the desktop’s bottom-left corner. Microsoft prefers to say, however, that it has expanded the Start button, turning it into a full-screen launching pad for your programs. But even though the Start screen lives in a new place, it still lets you launch programs or … Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 to MSDN and Technet subscribers, and I decided to give a try to this shiny new OS from Redmond. In a nutshell: Windows 8.1 improves the Windows 8 operating system on the tablet side, but I did not find significant changes on the "Desktop" side. After the release of Windows 8.1, I found its Start button useless.

Mar 06, 2012 · Unlike Windows 7 where one can easily open Startup folder from All Programs link (accessible from Start Menu), Windows 8 users need to manually pin Startup folder either at taskbar or Start Screen in order to gain quick access to items that launch with Windows logon. In this post, we will help you find the Windows 8 Startup folder, so you can

What is Windows 8? - Computer Hope 2018-5-21 · Windows 8, code-named Midori, is a version of Microsoft Windows that was released on October 26, 2012.This iteration contains some of the biggest changes Microsoft has made to their operating system since Windows 95. It features new programming and technology that makes run faster than the previous versions. Windows 10 auto start application Alberta - neyrperse.com