How to Send Anonymous Messages on Messenger in 2020 [100%

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Jul 02, 2020

a·non·y·mous (ə-nŏn′ə-məs) adj. 1. Having an unknown or unacknowledged name: an anonymous author. 2. Having an unknown or withheld authorship or agency: an anonymous letter. 3. Having no distinctive character or recognition factor: "They were carried over a bridge above an anonymous parade of shops" (Elizabeth Speller). [From Late Latin Anonymous | Definition of Anonymous by Oxford Dictionary

ANONYMOUS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

What is another word for anonymously? | Anonymously Synonyms for anonymously include incognito, camouflaged, disguised, unrecognised, unrecognized, covertly, incog, secretly, unidentified and in disguise. Find more How to Send Anonymous Messages on Messenger in 2020 [100% From here you need to type in the username you want to contact anonymously in the text field and manually select your option from the menu that develops. Now, you are going to want to compose your message by clicking and beginning to fill the Enter a Message text … anonymous - Wiktionary