How to secure your PC in 10 easy steps. Use encryption, keep your software up-to-date, disable images in e-mail, scan e-mail attachments for viruses, use a nonadministrator Windows account, scan

Secure your laptop BY J. CARLTON COLLINS. Related. TOPICS. Information Management and Technology Assurance; Q: I use a Windows password to protect my laptop computer (which runs Windows 7 Professional), but my colleague has advised me to set up a BIOS password, too. Is a BIOS password warranted? How to secure data on your laptop fleet How to secure data on your laptop fleet. Learn how to manage your fleet of laptops to ensure the business data they contain can be managed and secured. Share this item with your network: By. How to Secure Your Wireless (Wi-Fi) Home Network - Digital Jun 01, 2014

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10 Tips to Make Your Computer More Secure Nov 12, 2019

Ten simple steps for keeping your laptop secure

How Can I Make Sure My Laptop Is Secure While I Travel Once you have your arms around keeping your actual laptop secure, it's time to make sure the data on it is safe and sound as well. Untrusted networks and insecure connections can make this How to Secure Your Laptop in Public Places | HBR Ascend Three weeks ago I ran down how to secure your browser’s saved passwords with an encrypted master password — do it. Lock down your laptop with an actual lock. If you work in a public place often and tend to leave your laptop unattended, invest $15 to $30 on a physical laptop lock to anchor your …